How Javanese Talk to Older People Politely and Acceptable
Nowdays even for Javanese people using their own language properly is hard. Moreover how to talk to older people. There is a fundamental rule that only few people know it. In fact this material is taught in formal school starting from elementary.

As a comparison allow me to deliver an illustration below.

In English Language there is a rule about Tense. The point is using correct verb regarding the time of talking. The main for instance : past, now and future. For people who don't use English as their mother language learning tenses is sort of confusing stuff. It needs a lot of and very strong memory. Let's say there is 3 forms of verb : verb 1, verb 2 and verb 3. Verb 2 is used to show the fact or event in the past, to make a sentence that happens right now we use verb 1 + ing, and so on.

How Javanese talk to older people?

In English the use of verb depends on the time.

In Javanese there are more forms of verb and we must precisely pick one of it when talking. Please take a look at screen shoot above. Eat means dhahar, nedha, madhang, mangan, maem and many more we can addressed to unrespected person.

In short there is 3 kinds of Javanese language manner.

a. Ngoko
Used to talk with peers, budies, younger or kids.

drink =  ngombe
go home = bali, mulih
sleep = turu, bubuk
go = lunga
buy = tuku
join = melu
have = duwe
take a bath = adus, pakpung

b. Krama
Used to talk to the older or to respect people

drink = mimik
go home = mantuk, wangsul
sleep = tilem
go = kesah, bidhal
buy = tumbas
join = tumut
have = gadhah
take a bath = adus

c. Krama Inggil
This is the highest level and the most difficult. Used to comunicate with older, respected people. Also to persons who has top level position in society, organization or work place.

drink = ngunjuk
go home = kondur
sleep = sare
go = tindak
buy = mundhut
join = dherek
have = kagungan
take a bath = siram

In Javanese Language the use of verb depends to whom we are comunicating with

So how is the real condition in Javanese society these days relating to its language application? I haven't made a valid survey yet, but I dare to say that today not more than 20%  Javanese people apply their language correctly. The worst phenomenom happes to the youngs. They prefer using Bahasa Indonesia than Krama or Krama Inggil. Their parents give the biggest portion in causing it since they don't arrange the Javanese comunication either.

That's the fact. Thanks for reading.

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